Welcome to Piedrasassi

IN THE WINERY We're checking on the final blends for the 2014 syrahs and getting ready for the spring bottling. Some new orders of the 2013 syrahs are heading to Japan (Nakagawa) and Texas (Victory Wine Group). Sashi is heading to London and will be working the UK market with Roberson, our importer. He'll also be pouring at and sitting on a panel for the In Pursuit of Balance pinot noir and chardonnay tasting in London. (Piedrasassi doesn't make pinot or chardonnay, but some of our sister estates do.) 

IN THE BAKERY Trying to figure out if we should bite the bullet and grow corn to incorporate into our bread program! Loving this spring rain for the grains. Saturday we are at the Santa Barbara Farmers' Market. Come to the bakery Friday afternoon for the best selection, or early Saturday to the SB farmers' market: we tend to sell out in Santa Barbara by noon.